My Spouse Committed Adultery. What Should I Do?


Episode 817 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Questions in this Episode

1. Our middle-schooler was going to our church’s youth group until I found out that the entire group time is only spent playing games and entertaining. I expressed my concern to the youth pastor that I wished they would talk about spiritual things as well and he encouraged me to have our child go to a different church’s group instead: my questions is, should we as a family split our time between various church events or should we be all-in and invested in one church?

2. Where can I go in Scripture to find out about adultery? My wife is repenting for committing adultery 35 years ago near the beginning of our marriage.

3. In Matthew 28, Jesus commissions the apostles to baptize in the triune name; in the book of Acts, we see the apostles baptizing only in Jesus’s name. Why is that?

4. Is tithing required today?

5. Is infant baptism legitimate, or should baptism only be administered to those who make a credible profession of faith?

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