No Cure for Old Age

No Cure for Old Age

There are, then, several benefits of meditating on death as we age. It brings composure to the mind. It keeps us in reverence of the Lord throughout the day. It helps maintain a clear conscience in our relationship with God and others. It fosters a sense of detachment from worldly pursuits.

Although it’s possible for young people to die early, it’s impossible for the elderly to live long. The visible signs of aging are a clear indication that our end is approaching. There’s no cure for old age. The graves are prepared for us. The natural process of decay will continue to wear down our bodies until they are completely consumed. Death has already begun to affect the senses of older individuals, and it won’t be long before they return to dust.

However, while death is an unwelcome event for those who live comfortable lives, it is a blessed transition for holy elderly men and women. They can look back and see a tempting and troublesome world, but looking forward, they anticipate a state of perfect holiness and happiness that awaits them. The end of their earthly struggles marks the beginning of their heavenly rewards. Just as an apprentice rejoices when their service is about to end, the elderly person can find solace in the approaching end of their earthly journey.

I understand that facing death is unsettling for everyone, but faith becomes especially important and valuable at this stage, and the just may be said to die, as well as to live by his faith.

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