Obedience Now, Not Next Week

Obedience Now, Not Next Week

It’s very common to put off an act of obedience, because we tell ourselves it’s too impracticable at the moment. To obey God now is too complicated, so we decide to postpone it to a time when, in our heads, it will be easier. For example:

– rather than cancel my commitment to play on a Sunday sports team, I’ll wait until the end of the season.

– I won’t stop wearing the rainbow lanyard now; I’ll wait until I’ve left my job.

– When I’ve finished my exams, I’ll make sure I give God more of my time.

– I’ll end this unhelpful romantic relationship in a couple of months, because I don’t think it’s fair to end it sooner.

– I’ll do my part to patch up a broken relationship when I’m in a better place.

There’s a brilliant example of this mind-set at work in 2 Chronicles 25. Amaziah, king of Judah, teams up with Israel’s military and hires an Israelite army for 100 talents of silver (v.6). That’s a lot of money!  But a man of God tells Amaziah he is not to take these Israelites into battle (v.7-8). Amaziah’s understandable response is: “But what about all that money I just paid?!” (v.9).

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