Our Tender Shoots Ravaged by the “Mouse”

Our Tender Shoots Ravaged by the “Mouse”

Written by C. R. Carmichael |
Thursday, December 29, 2022

America has been uniquely blessed with the opportunity to repent from this sinfulness which is quickly destroying the younger generation of our nation. In fact, we have been commanded by God to raise our children in the training and admonition of the Lord to avoid that great tragedy (Ephesians 6:4). This is why Christians, above all people, should never let up on protecting our precious ones from the field-ravagers of our time with the word of God and the love of Christ in the hope that His grace would save parents and children alike.

What exactly is going on with Disney and that cartoon mouse of theirs? This once-heralded icon of family-friendly entertainment was already drifting away from traditional, fairly-moralistic narratives some decades ago, but now they’ve gone completely off the rails and into the ditch of woke ideology that openly promotes moral confusion, subversive sexual concepts, and unbiblical spirituality to impressionable young children.

In recent years, Disney and its subsidiaries have overseen the obligatory inclusion of sexually diverse characters in their storylines for children (Andy Mack, The Owlhouse, Lightyear, etc.), favorable portrayals of satanic and New Age teachings for both children and adults (Pocahontas, Frozen, Little Demon, etc.), and seem more than willing to engage in a culture war against Biblical values in both their entertainment and corporate policy and activities.

Funny how not that long ago Disney was pursuing legal action against neighborhood daycare centers for using copyrighted images of Disney characters on their walls, but don’t seem to have a problem with “Disney-themed” drag shows that try to blur the line between child and adult entertainment. In fact, the company didn’t even bat an eye when a recent “drag” luncheon advertised in North Carolina had a performer, dressed as a Disney character, proudly proclaiming “Satanism” at the intersection of “queer(censored) and blasphemy.”

Who would have guessed that Mickey Mouse might one day abandon his status as a beloved cartoon hero to join with a mischief of common field-mice intent on ravaging the tender shoots of our golden fields of America—namely, the children of our once-promising society?

A Plague of Sin is Destroying Our Youth

To be fair, Mickey isn’t the only one spreading this childhood disease of the soul. These days, many different purveyors of sexual sin and chaos are specifically targeting our children for abuse and ideological recruitment. Ever since the Epstein scandal opened our eyes to this kind of secret horror, the sex trafficking of minors and proliferation of child pornography is being discovered more and more by law enforcement agencies as they peel back the layers of our degraded society.

Shockingly, our governing authorities seem hardly concerned by this sickening trend. For example, California’s lenient crime legislation has been releasing thousands of convicted pedophiles from prison in less than a year for horrific acts, including rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of kids under 14. And lately it has been reported that our federal government, for the sake of maintaining an uncomplicated border policy, is ignoring the trafficking of unaccompanied child migrants who are then “pimped out” by their criminal “sponsors” to pay their border-crossing debt.

Meanwhile, on the social scene, major news outlets seemingly have no problem publishing articles that try to normalize pedophilia; doctors are actively pushing for toddlers to be seen as fully-realized, willful sexual beings since birth; and the latest media scandal involves a popular celebrity-endorsed fashion company that is being called out for using calculated imagery of sexualized children in their advertising.

And in late-breaking news, American Girl, which makes a very popular brand of dolls, has reportedly just published a book for girls aged 3-12 which offers tips on how they can signal their sexual preferences “to the world” and also teaches them how to change gender by asking doctors for puberty blockers!

So what in the world is going on here? This increasing eagerness by some people to normalize the sexual prepping of our children has become so clearly obvious that one would think that this evil would be sharply denounced by every segment of our society. Alas, such is not always the case. To the contrary, this subversive activity is allowed to stand in many communities throughout our country; and sadly, the greatest promoters of this indoctrination are also the greatest influencers of children, other than parents: specifically, educators and popular media who have no problem putting sexually explicit materials or “toys” in the hands of our little ones.

The sad truth is, our nation has a widespread plague of sin-sickness that is victimizing and destroying our youth as much as Molech worship ever did, especially when you add abortion to the mix (Leviticus 18:21).

We Have Become Like the Philistines

Back in the 1960s, Ruth Graham (the wife of Billy) saw so much sinfulness in our country that she was provoked to remark in exasperation: “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gommorah.” One might wonder what Mrs. Graham would say if she were alive today to see this new level of evil. Perhaps, continuing with the theme she started, she might slightly amend her words to say, “If God doesn’t punish Americans, He’ll have to apologize to the Philistines.”

Why the Philistines? Like America today, the Philistine nation was also in open rebellion against God, continually harassing and oppressing His chosen people over the years. In one particular military assault, the Philistines defeated the Israelites in battle, stole their ark of the Covenant and placed it under the authority and physical control of their false god, Dagon.

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