Parents Need to Act Now

Parents Need to Act Now

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Today, more than ever, parents need to take a proactive approach in preparing their children for a world bombarding them with false messages about sex, gender, and identity. If parents abdicate their God-given responsibility to equip and train their children with a biblical foundation for understanding sex and gender, the world is fully prepared to indoctrinate them in unbiblical ideologies that promote the self as god and individual experience as the supreme authority.

Raising Sexually Faithful Kids

Whether it’s pornography, LGBTQ+ ideologies, sexting, or hook-up apps, children are facing a torrent of temptations and dangers in matters of sexuality. This is why Harvest USA is offering a free online course for parents entitled Raising Sexually Faithful Kids. This eight-session course will help you understand what it looks like to proactively teach your children about God’s good gift of sexuality and how to guard that gift against temptations to misuse it in sinful ways. We also want to equip you to know how to respond to your children in love and truth when they
start to wrestle with sexual sins of various kinds. Raising Sexually Faithful Kids will help you understand your children not only at the level of their behavior but also by looking into the deeper issues of their hearts. You’ll learn how struggles with pornography, promiscuity, same-sex attraction, or gender distress may develop
and how the gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope for repentance, healing, and transformation. You’ll also be equipped for having not simply a one-off, awkward sex talk, but an ongoing dialogue with your children about God’s good design for sex with age-appropriate conversations during critical seasons. You’ll also receive vital information about ways to protect your family from the growing dangers technology presents. Raising sexually faithful kids requires a robust technology protection plan. Finally, you’ll learn how to engage in compassionate care and discipleship if you find your son has been looking at pornography or your daughter has been caught sexting.
Your loving and truthful response to your child’s sin and struggles will show them the character of our good and loving heavenly Father.

Parenting Boys and Girls in a Gender-Confused World

Maybe you’ve already encountered how challenging it is to help your kids when peers, teachers, school guidance counselors, social media—perhaps even your family
physician—promote ideas about our bodies, identity, personhood, or gender that don’t line up with biblical faith. Or maybe you have the painful experience of your child or their friends identifying as transgender, genderqueer, or something else celebrated by the evolving sexual and gender revolution. Parenting Boys and Girls in a Gender-Confused World is an eight-session, free online course from Harvest USA that will give you practical guidance as you seek to disciple sons and daughters about what it means to be a boy or girl created in love to bear God’s image. We want
to help you help them grow in understanding God’s design so they can think Biblically about gender and have the knowledge and courage to explain and defend the goodness of our Creator’s intent. And, of course, we want to guide you in how to offer compassionate discipleship if your child is struggling in this area. For free access to both courses, as well as many other resources on biblical sexuality, visit or check out our courses at

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