Perseverance of the Saint (William Tennent Jr.)

William Tennent, Jr. (1705-1777) was the son of William Tennent I, a 17th-century pastor in America and founder of the Log College. Early in life, William Tennent, Jr. was deeply impressed with a sense of divine things and soon determined to devote his life to the ministry of the gospel.

He served as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Freehold. For love of Christ, we persevere, walk in the way He first walked. Perseverance is more than just doing our duty. There ought to be an earnestness in our following Christ. Every other pursuit in life should pale in comparison with our seeking Christ. Ask yourself if you have grown in your Christian walk in the last six months. If you are discouraged, do not give up. But rather, look to Christ, repent, and devote yourself again to Him. Seek to honor Christ with your life. Remember that you are presenting Him to the world around you. Make sure Scripture is your guide. Every Christian will reach the finish line. It won’t be easy, but it will happen. If you want to run the race well, love Christ more. Show Notes for the full episode:

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