Practice Daily Habits of Grace to Nurture Your Faith


With the start of a new year, do you feel motivated to assess your rituals and habits? What about your approach to studying the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other believers? If your spiritual disciplines lack zeal and commitment, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines offers a motivational boost for establishing a routine that cultivates a deeper relationship with Jesus.

A primer for the three main categories of spiritual disciplines (Bible study, prayer, and involvement in biblical community), Habits of Grace presents these godly gifts as “means of grace” that strengthen your daily life as a believer. When you read the book, you’ll learn practical and accessible tips for creating sustainable lifelong habits. These habits can be adjusted based on the season of life you’re in so that the spiritual disciplines become a joy rather than a duty.

The book offers an encouraging reminder that God reveals Himself through His Word, not just when you read or study it but also when you meditate on it. Habits of Grace explains that you’ll get the most out of Bible study when you pause and ponder (or “meditate” on) what God reveals about Himself rather than simply taking it at face value. You’ll also be encouraged to adopt the lost art of Scripture memorization. Memorizing key verses will enable you to understand the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith more fully. The book offers tips for how to easily memorize verses so you can create a long-term habit.

This jam-packed book will encourage you to sit under faithful preaching, consider baptism, partake of Communion, and seek support from your church community—all parts of a thriving Christian life.

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