Pray Through Your Day with ‘Every Moment Holy’

Every Moment Holy

In life’s everyday, not-so-exciting moments, it can be easy to forget that all of our time is a gift from God—even hours we may consider routine and mundane. Alternatively, those exciting high points also come to us through God’s goodness. But whether our days are marked by the normalcy of our comings or goings or are standout highlights, we’re to punctuate all of them by expressing our gratitude to God. The book Every Moment Holy will encourage you to pray when experiencing the thrilling, the joyful, the sorrowful, the challenging, and even the easily forgettable!

Every Moment Holy offers 100 prayers to make your own while working or enjoying recreation, when marveling at God’s creation, while celebrating, during times of sorrow and lament, and when in need of petition and provision.

The prayers in the book are presented as liturgies, meaning you can pray them in a group setting with a leader, or you can make the prayers your own during personal quiet time. If you don’t naturally talk with God while you work in the garden, make a meal, renovate your home, or fold the laundry, Every Moment Holy is a perfect guide for leading you to thank God for His sovereignty over all these activities and more.

The book will also help you turn to God in prayer when finding the right words to ease times of suffering and difficulty feels difficult. Some of the prayers in Every Moment Holy are even short enough to memorize so that you’re prepared when you need them most. When fears of failure arise, a loved one is missed, or a dream doesn’t come to fruition, these Gospel-infused prayers will help you process your grief.

Perfect for blessings at birthday parties or wedding rehearsal dinners, Every Moment Holy is suitable for celebrations, too! The prayers will encourage you to remember that God is the source of all joys.

Every Moment Holy will help your conversations with God become an instinct and reshape the way you notice His presence in both the mundane moments and milestones alike.

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