‘Radically Whole’ Helps You Apply Teaching from the Book of James



People are often double-minded—pulled between good and evil—in their speech, actions, and character. The consequences of these rifts can be spiritually and relationally devastating. Radically Whole: Gospel Healing for the Divided Heart by David Gibson recognizes that we long for wholeness and honesty in our lives. Helpfully, this book directly answers the question How does God heal a fractured heart? 

This exploration of the New Testament book of James will help you identify double-mindedness in your own life so you can worship and serve God as He created you to do. Radically Whole examines James’s letter, section by section, digging into its challenging instruction. You’ll be reminded about meeting trials with joy, being slow to anger, loving one another without partiality, along with other lessons that aren’t always natural to our sinful hearts. Each of the nine chapters unpacks a section from James, exploring how we can manage our minds and our hearts to order our thinking and behavior rightly.  

Packed with godly wisdom, this insightful book offers practical advice for how to put biblical principles into daily practice. You’ll be prompted to be steadfast under trial, not to be tempted, to be “quick to hear” and “slow to speak,” not to boast or covet, and not to speak evil. And while James’s lengthy list of instructions for godly living can be overwhelming, it doesn’t come without hope. Radically Whole will help you to understand God’s grace better as He “pulls apart the divided heart to make it whole” again. 

This bold book acknowledges up front that James’s letter can “cut like a knife”—but, with God’s help and with intentionality, we can control both our thoughts and our hearts to be more in line with James’s instructions. A great resource for small group discussion or to guide your personal study of the book of James, Radically Whole includes several verses for consideration in each chapter as well as helpful explanations and real-life applications. And the chapters conclude with questions to further your understanding.  

Listen to Alistair teach from the book of James on Truth For Life beginning Monday, August 28. Request your copy of Radically Whole before the series begins, and use it as an additional supplement to study along. 


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