Realities of Revival II: The Means of Revival

After introducing our new series last week, John and Teddy are diving deeper into the topic of revival. This week they focus on a biblical understanding of revival. Attached to a historical understanding of revival, we also must seek to study the means and results of revival.

One helpful definition comes to us from Richard Owen Roberts. He defines revival as, “…an unusual manifestation of the power of the grace of God in convincing and converting careless sinners, and in quickening and increasing the faith and piety of believers.”

In the most succinct summary of this episode, we can say that revival is God drawing near, through the ordinary means of grace, in an unusual way. The means are not unusual. But the nearness of God is. And it is His nearness that both makes revival possible and makes us desire it.

A recent article by Jeremy Walker on revival:

Helpful books we found for this series:

The Fulfilling of the Scripture by Robert Flemming Physical Copy:

Revival by Richard Owen Roberts

Revival: A People Saturated with God by Brian Edwards

Revival of Religion

Lectures on Revival by William Sprague

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