Realities of Revival VI: Sermon from Daniel Rowland – Hebrews 1:9

This week is our final episode on the realities of revival and we wanted to present to you another sermon used by God during a great time of revival. The sermon is from Hebrews 1:9. The preacher is Daniel Rowland. We chose this sermon specifically because so few people are aware of Daniel Rowland. George Whitefield went to hear Rowland and said it was like listening to the Apostle Paul teach. Rowland has been called the greatest preacher Wales has ever seen.

As in the last sermon episode we were able to present to you, this one is read by Andrew Davies, a retired minister living in Wales today. If you have gone through the first Behold Your God study, you may remember Mr. Davies.

We pray this sermon is a blessing to you and that you take time to wrestle with its content, making room in your life to apply its message.

A recent article by Jeremy Walker on revival:

Books we found helpful in this series:

The Fulfilling of the Scripture by Robert Flemming Physical Copy:

Revival by Richard Owen Roberts

Revival: A People Saturated with God by Brian Edwards

Revival of Religion

Lectures on Revival by William Sprague

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