Reasons that Roe v. Wade is Losing the Public’s Support

Reasons that Roe v. Wade is Losing the Public’s Support

The pro-abortion advocates offer that girl or woman the opportunity to erase her “mistake” and get on with her life, as though nothing happened. But science and technology are now showing her that, indeed, something did happen. With the widespread use of sonograms, more and more people realise that “abortion stops a beating heart.”

Several years back, an average of seven abortion clinics closed each month. No wonder Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is frantic about securing federal funding: 70 per cent of abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed over the past 22 years.

By their recent abandonment of the “pro-choice” rhetoric, it is evident that Roe’s supporters also recognise that pro-life forces are prevailing with the American public.

Why the Pro-Life Position is Gaining Ground

One of the reasons for this is that far too many abortions are for frivolous reasons. Moreover, the abortion movement does, as one pro-choice insider has criticised, lack gravitas. Its arguments and its rationale lack depth, legitimacy, and logic.

The pro-life movement is getting increasingly more sophisticated and effective. Additionally, science and technology are on the pro-life side. As sonograms get higher definition and more parents-to-be post them on social media, the pro-life cause strengthens.

One study tracked seventy-five patients, and all but five changed their minds about abortion after seeing a sonogram of their baby in the womb. The facts about the child in the womb revealed by science and technology are changing America’s view of abortion. Many Americans are now asking, “What Hath Roe Wrought?”

Studies Document Harms to Many Women from Abortion

The harmful experiences of many post-abortive girls and women raise questions about the unquestioning promotion of abortion in America. The refusal of abortion advocates to even consider the potential harms to women’s health and well-being is particularly odd.

study in Finland that used official government data showed associations (there is no way to show causality) between abortion and dire outcomes. In a one-year study, abortion was 3.5 times deadlier than childbirth, suicide was seven times higher among post-abortive women, and deaths from homicide were four times higher among post-abortive women.

British study (published in the British Journal of Psychiatry) reviewed over one hundred international studies and found a link between abortion and mental health problems.

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