Resources on the 1689 Confession of Faith

It is one thing for the Christian to say I believe, my family believes, my church believes what the Bible says. That is a right and essential to the Christian life. But it is another thing to say, “I believe the Bible teaches…” And it is that second statement we want to focus on in this week’s episode.

For those unaware, Media Gratiae is rooted in Reformed Baptist theology. To that end, we believe that the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession is a very helpful, systematic summarization of what we understand the Bible to teach. And so we want to introduce you to two men and their efforts to help us digest the truths in this baptist confession.

The first man we want to introduce you to is Tom Ascol. He is the founder and president of Founders Ministries, president of the Institute on Public Theology, and pastors in Cape Coral Florida.

The second man is Rob Ventura. A long-time friend of John, Rob is a pastor in Rhode Island and has written several books. His latest venture is being the editor of a commentary on the 1689 Baptist confession. Contributors to this work include Jeremy Walker, Sam Waldron, and others. John Snyder has even endorsed the book and we believe it will be a benefit to you.


Founders Ministries:

Grace and Truth (Book 1):

Grace and Truth (Book 2):

Grace and Truth (Book 3):

1689 in Modern English:

1689 in Modern English (ebook):

To the Judicious and Impartial Reader:

Institute on Public Theology:

A New Exposition of the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689:

Expository Outlines and Observations on Romans: Hints and Helps for Preachers and Teachers (Preorder):

A Portrait of Paul:

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