Shocked by Surprise

Shocked by Surprise

I am shocked at the surprise. Our world is experiencing the fruit of rejecting God and his standard. I hope that the world sees the absolute insanity that this godless worldview produces, and the inconsistency of thought that is required to express outrage at injustice and evil. The God of the Bible loves justice and all that is good, and hates injustice and evil. The Christian is outraged by injustice and has a worldview that affirms this outrage. 

An Honest Worldview

In 1882, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “God is dead… And we have killed him.” From this thesis, Nietzsche advocated for a complete rejection of all morality that originated from any outside source, especially from this “dead” God. If God is dead, then to follow his rules is nonsense. If God is dead, then every man can be a god unto himself. Every person must reach within himself alone to order his way, master his will, and pursue his desires as far as possible. The man doesn’t need just will-power, he needs the will-to-power. He must strive to dominate and achieve all. The man who accomplishes this is the Übermensch, the Superman.

Nietzsche’s writings have been around for over 100 years, and although he had a greater influence in Europe, the ideas of Nietzsche have become more and more popular in our “post-God” society. I appreciate that Nietzsche is not afraid to be honest with his worldview. If there is no God, then there is no reason to follow rules set in place by any particular deity. If there is no Lawgiver, then there is no law. And if there is no one to whom we are accountable, then we are free to pursue our own passions without consequence. The moral standard is destroyed, and there is neither good nor evil, right nor wrong.

I respect Nietzsche for taking his worldview to its logical conclusion. Most atheists will deny God and His standards while still trying to enforce a moral code of sorts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make sense if there is no standard. What is the foundation of morality? Is it society? Is it morally acceptable to kill and rape women if your society says that it is ok? Do individuals set the bedrock for morality? I think that we all know that each individual setting their own moral standards would lead to constant chaos and conflict.. And if each person sets their own moral standard, then how can we speak of injustice? If every man is right, then no one can be wrong. Pedophiles can be praised since they have set their own standard and achieved it. What a terrifying world. And when atheists agree with what I’m saying, they prove that they are not really committed to the “godless” position. Nietzsche was at least honest with his atheism.

This is the mindset that has pervaded the world. “No God = No Standard. Morals are subjective, and truth is fluid. Run after your passions, follow your heart, and live for yourself. There is no eternity, so live for this life now.” Listen to the comedians, the musicians, and the politicians. Watch the movies and the tv shows. What is celebrated? Individualism. Revenge. Misogyny. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. Pride. Lust.

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