Should Christians Be Performing Exorcisms Today?

Episode 774 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Questions in this Episode

1. Have the events in Matthew 24 already happened?

2. I’m wondering how you would respond to someone who points to the longer ending of Mark to prove that they should be casting out demons?

3. I’ve lost the habit of reading Scripture daily sand I am feeling distant from God. I can’t seem to focus because of personal circumstances. How do I get back into it please?

4. In the story of Hagar and Sarah, Hagar seems to be the one who is treated poorly, yet in Galatians 4, Paul associates Hagar with the old covenant. Likewise, in that story Sarah seems to be the perpetrator of Hagar’s misfortune, yet Paul associates her with the new covenant. Why is that?

5. If you marry someone and then find out they are a eunuch or are gay, does this fall in line with biblical grounds for divorce?

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