Slander, for Unity’s Sake

Slander, for Unity’s Sake

I am proud to be a member of Missouri Presbytery. I may be the only TE within the presbytery that supports the GRN. I am quick to correct detractors when they accuse our presbytery as being liberal. During your time in Missouri, I am sure you did the same. In the same vein, I have corrected elders within our Presbytery who have referred to others presbyteries and the GRN as Pharisees. That is slander. Your blog post strikes me in the same manner. We have got to start talking to one another. Pot shots from both sides do not contribute to what your latest blog post asks for: denominational peace.

I have only been a member of the PCA for 5 years, so I fully acknowledge my lack of experience within the Presbyterian Church in America. Little did I know that I would be entering the denomination during arguably it’s most contentious season. I was in my first semester at Covenant Seminary when Revoice was hosted at Memorial Presbyterian Church. In the months leading up to the conference, there was a great deal of confusion on campus. Many PCA pastors, local leaders, students, and alumni were involved to some degree-whether by attending, speaking, promoting, or giving.

To be honest, I began to wonder if joining the PCA was a mistake. Revoice was a common topic of discussion after class and during lunch. Some of my close friends debated leaving the seminary. Others left Memorial Presbyterian church. Seminary students and interns within Missouri Presbytery were largely left in the dark. We didn’t know who to talk to or what to believe. Misinformation was being spread on both sides of the aisle. Most PCA pastors and professors I spoke to at the time encouraged patience. “Let’s wait and see how the conference plays out”, was common refrain.

Dr. Lecroy, I know you served as Moderator of Missouri Presbytery during those crucial years, and I want to thank you for the hundreds of hours you undoubtedly have spent engaging this issue. I want to thank you for your leadership within Missouri Presbytery during perhaps its most contentious season. I also want to thank you for your leadership in providing the PCA with a most-excellent study report on Abuse.

That being said, your latest blog post saddens me. It saddens me because it’s an appeal to unity at the expense of respectable men and organizations within the denomination. To be blunt, it’s a call for unity while slandering in the same breathe.

A Reminder on WLC 145

The sins forbidden in the ninth commandment are, all prejudicing the truth, and the good name of our neighbours, as well as our own, (1 Sam. 17:282 Sam. 16:32 Sam. 1:9,10,15–16) especially in public judicature; (Lev. 19:15Hab. 1:4)…speaking untruth, (Isa. 59:13) lying, (Lev. 19:11Col. 3:9) slandering, (Ps. 50:20) backbiting, (James 4:11Jer. 38:4) talebearing, (Lev. 19:16) whispering, (Rom. 1:29–30) scoffing, (Gen. 21:9Gal. 4:29).

Here are a few statements I take umbrage with:

  1. “The GRN secret council will no doubt meet soon to “consider the best and most positive way forward” for our denomination.”

There is no “GRN secret council”. Every officer is listed on their website, along with all their blogposts, video series, and contact information. There is nothing secretive about the GRN.

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