Sovereignty and Evangelism

Sovereignty and Evangelism

What a joy it is to believe in a sovereign God. He has not sent us on a fool’s errand. He is faithful. He saves sinners. He uses foolish means to bring people to faith. What a joy it is to serve that type of sovereign King.

I recently sat across the table from a couple who knew nothing of the Bible, Jesus, or the Gospel. God had in His sovereign plan provided this meeting. The doors were open to share the good news. As I explained creation, fall, redemption, and consummation they politely listened. They had insightful questions about the justice of penal substitutionary atonement. As the conversation continued it became clear their hope was in being “good enough” for God to accept them. The conversation went to the law of God and our need to be saved by grace alone through faith alone. The stumbling block of Christ was set before them. The conversation moved on as kids needed attention.

What does all of this have to do with sovereignty? We can have assurance when we share the Gospel. Those who are His elect will respond with faith. There was no need to press an immediate decision. There was no sentimental music to be played. No sinners prayer was offered. Easy beliefism can be avoided. God can give us peace in our hearts as we present the Gospel and trust in the Holy Spirit to do His work.

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