Special Episode – Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically, Session One

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Over the years more and more people are discovering Media Gratiae through our various podcasts. We praise the Lord for this reality. But our podcasts are only a fraction of the work we do.

Media Gratiae started over a decade ago with our flagship study, Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically. This 12-week multimedia Bible study seeks to challenge the low views of God that are very prevalent in our man-centered culture and reintroduce Christians, churches, and families to the God of the Bible.

Over the last 10 years, God has seemed to truly bless the efforts that went into the study. It has been translated into Dutch, Russian, and Spanish. A new translation effort is currently beginning to make the study available to German speakers.

This week we want to present you with the first session of the study. In the beginning is an introduction to A. W. Tozer, a man with a very high view of God. Then John Snyder presents a sermon on the fact that God is the great attraction to the adventure that is Christianity. Lastly, we have interviews with men such as Conrad Mbewe, Paul Washer, Anthony Mathenia, and others who discuss why we must have a high view of God.

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