The 1689 on Christian Liberty (21.3)


Here they come! Jimmy is in Europe, Joe is all by himself. But they recorded some episodes to drop while Jimmy is taking photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. Today, the guys are wrapping up Chapter 21 of the 1689 Confession on Christian liberty. How do Christians use the idea of Christian liberty as a cover for sin? What is the consequence of abusing Christian liberty? What is the point of Christian liberty?


Media Gratiae is a small nonprofit ministry that makes amazing documentaries and multimedia Bible studies. This week we want to tell you about a their project, Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God, the Deluxe Edition Box Set. This is a great on-ramp for Christians who maybe aren’t familiar with the Puritans to begin to interact with them, and to make them want to pick up a book and dig in. Use the promo code DEVO for an additional $10 off.

The package contains:

6 DVDs: a feature-length documentary, lots of special features, and 35 Sunday school lessons on Puritan biographies and puritan theme.

An accompanying workbook for the lessons

A beautiful clothbound book from Joel Beeke and Michael Reeves

Posters and postcard prints, etc.

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