The 1689 on the Trinity (2.3)

Today the guys sit down to (re)record and episode on the 1689 Chapter 2, paragraph 3, regarding the doctrine of the Trinity. How important is this doctrine? Why does the 1689 use the word "subsistence," instead of "person"? How do the guys feel about Trinitarian analogies? How is the doctrine of the Trinity the "the foundation of all our communion with God, and comfortable dependence on Him"? Plus, Jimmy has a really bad day, and Joe "bah, bah, bah's" the Scripture.

The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship by Robert Letham
The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything by Fred Sanders
Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves
What is the Trinity? by R.C. Sproul
Communion with the Triune God by John Owen

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