The Challenge of Unethical Vaccines

N.B. I am not in a position to vouch for the accuracy of the following claims. They are submitted for the inspection of those who care deeply about this issue, and who are prepared to pursue it further. The mere fact of their inclusion here does not mean that I would agree with everything—some of the posted links do not even agree with each other.

Here is a breakdown of products that used a cell line for an aborted child in the testing of their products, followed by products that contain fetal material.

Here is an article from a Catholic website called Children of God for Life. The main thrust of this article concerns the origin of the rubella vaccine.

Prove it.

This is an article that breaks the issues down

And here is a statement from the Pontifical Academy, the one I interacted with above.

This is a statement on vaccination generally from the City Reformed Presbyterian Church, but it has a section on the unlawful origins of some of the vaccines.

Al Mohler addressed it in this edition of The Briefing, second segment.

Here is an article for you.

A table of problematic vaccines and alternatives to them.

And another one.

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