The Coming Messiah III: A Glimmer of Hope

Last week’s episode ended on gloom and judgment. Ahaz has rejected the opportunity of God to ask for any sign of His faithfulness. Rather than obeying God in requesting that sign, Ahaz chooses to put his faith in his own plan and strategy. God’s astounding response is to give him a sign anyway, the coming of Immanuel. He also pronounces judgment on Ahaz and his kingdom in the form of Assyria.

This week we move from the gloom and destruction promised in Isaiah 8 to the hope and promise of Isaiah 9. No more will Zebulun and Naphtali be seen as an area that God has abandoned. They will, with the coming of Christ be seen as glorious because of Christ dwelling there.

Here is the question for us, removed some 2,700 years from God’s deliverance of the promise and 2,000 years from His fulfillment of that promise: How do we apply this? How should these truths live in our life? John gives us some application of this passage in this week’s episode.

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