The Covenant of Encouragement

The Covenant of Encouragement

Our hope and peace in Christ is in an eternal throne where the believer’s Sovereign sits this very day. Here in this passage we see one way we can be sure to encourage the downtrodden in our covenant family: by reminding them of God’s promise in Jesus. It is a powerful word of truth for any man or woman who seems lost amidst the chaos.

The Lord’s blessings on you as you wake up and get ready to face the day. Be encouraged and know Christ is with your every moment in His grace. For today’s worship and prayer help we are going to look at a couple ways we encourage one another through Jesus, especially when our lives have us so busy in the daily by-and-by.

I’ve never been one that’s good at conversating about feelings. Particularly when we are talking about an emotion that is more like a rush of energy than anything else. Encouragement is almost like a shot of endorphin that pushes the struggle bus forward and knocks it back in gear, which makes it now the go-forward machine. It’s interesting how sometimes something so innocuous as a random text or message can affect the whole of our countenance, but that is what we are describing when we take on this subject. Encouraging words or actions are rarely major events. Most of the time the best kind of support is what you receive when you are not looking for it. There’s something to be said as well about the small, regular, routine stuff that may not seem like much until it is no longer present. One of the things we need to be watchful for is that it is not communicated that inspiration must take on only a feminine feel. I know it’s somewhat gauche to say this nowadays, but men and women can have different needs on this front, and neither should be neglected. That being said since this is a spiritually-focused Tuesday devotion there are several places in the Bible we can go to find what we need to look for all our benefit.

The first place to go is 1 Samuel 23 and the way Jonathan provides care for David.

In this scene David is on the run from Saul. The current king of Israel has heard of the promise made to the son of Jesse and is determined to not let the plan of God came to pass. He figures if he kills David then he can’t be king. Sound logic, bad idea. As David is out running around with his merry band of men putting out fires and taking care of things Saul should be doing, the future king of Israel is drawn low by the incongruity of the situation. In life even when we are doing the right things we can be in a position where we know things ain’t the way they are supposed to be.

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