The Danger of Evangelical Silence

The Danger of Evangelical Silence

The false narrative of separation of church and state was never intended to keep the church silent on matters of politics and political policy. The phrase “wall of separation between the church and the state” was originally coined by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists on January 1, 1802. The idea was originally designed to keep the state out of the church rather than to keep the church out of the state. Therefore, for Christians to speak up, engage, and vote with a commitment to honoring Christ is essential for the good of our country.

Our nation has never been more polarized than it is today on matters of politics. It seems that many politicians are attempting to gain support and grow their base by jumping from one extreme position to the next. This is especially true regarding the issue of abortion. For the Christians, life is a non-debatable issue. For the liberals, the it’s being spun as a matter of “reproductive freedom” and a “private healthcare choice.” Suffice it to say, elections have consequences.

The social justice agenda has left an indelible mark upon our nation. The impact of deconstructionism is being felt in all spheres of our society. We see it in the sphere of the academy where every radical view imaginable is given center stage to indoctrinate the minds of the next generation while orthodox views of marriage, life, and foundational principles regarding the family and capitalism remain under vicious attack. We see this same move in the sphere of evangelicalism. While many religions are experiencing this dreaded threat, it’s the conservative protestant sphere that has in many ways capitulated the most.

What is at stake is massively important to western civilization and Christianity in America—which will have an impact upon the whole world.

The Tragedy of Christian Silence

During the rise of social justice movement (pre-2018), Christian leaders were moving about in the shadows and setting the stage for the social justice deconstructionist agenda. After the release of the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, a light came on for many people.

Sadly, many people remain confused and committed to supporting the very men and ministries who were exposed during that time period. During the post-George Floyd era, many Christian leaders have become willing to speak up, march in the streets in Black Lives Matters events, and articulate their positions regarding systemic injusticecritical race theory, and intersectionality.

Today, these same voices are silent. They have moved back into the shadows. At the very hour when the truth should be made known and for the church to vote properly, they refuse to speak up. This lack of clarity results in confusion on the issues at hand and encourages politicians to look beyond the borders of orthodoxy for voices to help them spread the truth regarding the dangers that attack the very fabric of our civilization. Compromising Christian leaders should be ashamed of their commitment to the middle of the road rather than the truth. You can’t be committed to truth while embracing error.

The Tragedy of False Christianity

If the church is to honor Christ, the church certainly does not need false prophets and leaders of false religions to be leading the charge in the fight for freedom. Sadly, within the sphere of evangelical Christianity, far too many Christian leaders have remained silent on the issues. They have gone off the grid. They are unwilling to stand and allow their voices to be heard. Because of this, many politicians have chosen to hitch themselves to false prophets of the highest order such as Kenneth Copeland and Paula White. This is tragic on many levels.

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