The Death of Football—and Common Sense, Sanity, and Reality

The Death of Football—and Common Sense, Sanity, and Reality

What is wrong with these people? Their brainwashing and indoctrination is now fully complete. They cannot think straight and they no longer know the difference between reality and fantasyland. And they write and say all this crapolla with a perfectly straight face! This really is the end of Australia and the West.

In an article I just penned hours ago I spoke of the passing of an era. I discussed the funeral of Queen Elizabeth and noted how we may not see similar things again. The old order of faith, tradition, loyalty and responsibility is being replaced with a new order of unbelief, novelty, rebellion and selfishness.

And these are but symptoms of a bigger malaise: the slow but steady erosion of Christianity in the West and the rise of secular humanism in all its forms. As God and faith go, we see a rise in madness, immorality and lunacy. And we see this nowhere more clearly in the giant behemoth of transgenderism.

We seem to be watching in real time the rise of a zombie apocalypse where most of our elites and leaders have abandoned all reason, all logic, and all sanity as they cheerily embrace the moonbat ideology of the trans revolutionaries.

And these folks are now fully in control of the media, of entertainment, of politics, of culture, and of education. They are pushing this insanity on the rest of us hapless peons. Of interest, what shot Jordan Peterson into the social spotlight stratosphere was his stance on this issue.

He refused to bow down and worship at the altar of mass delusion and infantile temper tantrums. And so many of the rest of us feel the same way. Recently a friend was discussing all this and I said in reply, “While using a preferred name may not be too problematic, using a preferred pronoun is. That means I have to lie, and support someone in their delusion.”

People are never helped when we share in their lies, their confusion, and their mental meltdowns. As one meme making the rounds states, “I won’t use someone’s pronouns for the same reason I won’t talk to a schizophrenic’s imaginary friend.”

These people need help and counsel desperately. But they do NOT need affirmation, celebration, and promotion. Yet that is what we find everywhere, certainly in the brainless lamestream media. Consider the latest case of this idiocy. An important event for the Australian Football League is its annual awards night, the Brownlows.

Here top athletes are honoured while their partners get to showcase their frocks and hairdos. Since the team I like happens to be in the Grand Final this weekend, I turned it on, and almost spilled my dinner. A former footballer has over the past few years decided that he is now a she, and all the media meatheads are more than happy to play along with this nonsense.

It was utterly embarrassing to behold. I refer to Dean Laidley who has grown his hair and likes to wear dresses. No one questions this. No one challenges this. Instead, everyone just happily goes along with it, joining in with this mass delusion.

As I was watching all this transpire, I mentioned it on the social media, saying that I am sick of hearing supposedly intelligent adults calling a bloke a sheila. And I said that I am just waiting for some fool to ask him who did his hair and who designed his dress. And sure enough this actually happened! Good grief!

We know the mainstream media has long ago fully embraced the entire list of PC woke agenda items, including the trans madness, but this was utterly gross to behold. It appears it is now a requirement to get a lobotomy before landing a job in the media.

And within minutes you found headlines like this: “Danielle Laidley, partner Donna Leckie stun on Brownlow Medal red carpet,” along with this: “AFL legend Danielle Laidley has stepped out on the Brownlow Medal red carpet for the first time in years, stunning guests in a white gown.”

The article begins:

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