The Law, the Gospel, and Sanctification (S|R)

Jon and Justin have a free and frank conversation about the law, the gospel, and sanctification. Oftentimes, the law and the gospel are confused. The law is relativized. The gospel is made to sound hard. And sanctification sounds terrible. This isn’t how it should be. The guys consider the work of Christ in fulfilling the law as a covenant of works, the freedom that Christ has secured for us, and how God’s law and work of sanctification are great things for the believer.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin talk about good works. There are many good works emphasized in the church today that are nowhere to be found in the Scriptures. What are good works, biblically defined? What are some of the good works that are clear in Scripture that just aren’t talked about in the church?

Resources:Our episode: Your Sanctification is not for YouOur episode: Law/Gospel DistinctionOur teaching series on Covenant Theology

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