The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust I: An Introduction

Sometimes we make plans for a podcast and then have to change them after we finish recording. Such was the case this week.

Earlier last week, Teddy filmed an interview with Greg Jones, president of the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust. Because we wanted to properly introduce the MLJ Trust to you John jumped into the studio for a “10-minute introduction” that lasted over 30 minutes.

We thought the discussion was so good and hopefully would whet your appetite for more, we decided to split everything into two episodes. So this week, we present to you Dr. John Snyder and Teddy James discussing the MLJ Trust and the impact Dr. Lloyd-Jones has had on the two of them. Next week we will present the interview with Greg Jones.

In case you don’t want to wait until next week for all the pertinent links teased in the episode:

The MLJ Trust website:

The MLJ Trust App (Android):

The MLJ Trust App (iOS):

YouTube Channel:



Martyn Lloyd-Jones Two-Volume Biography:

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