The Self-Validation Project

In the church, we can struggle to rightly understand and apply the grace of God in Christ. We know we need grace on the front end of salvation, but then, once in, we flip to an economy of merit. And now, we’re just collecting stars and earning cookies. It is as though we think that through our working we can retroactively vindicate God’s saving of us and turn ourselves into the kind of people God would’ve been happy to save in the first place. In this episode, Jon and Justin talk about how the Christian life is a project of self-validation for many.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin continue to consider how a lot of teaching today communicates that the Christian life is a project of validating ourselves as legitimate. The guys talk about the effects of unhealthy introspection, as well as better motivations for Christian living.

Resources:Our episode on James 2 “Faith Without Works Is Dead”Our episode on “How Pietism Ruins Good Works”Our episode on “Leaving Pietism”

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