Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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Part I (00:13 – 16:40)
Medicine and Politics Collide In Transgender Revolution: American Academy of Pediatrics Doubles Down on Support for Transgender Procedures — But Is the Group Hedging its Bets?Medical Group Backs Youth Gender Treatments, but Calls for Research Review by New York Times (Azeen Ghorayshi)Part II (16:40 – 24:19)
Pope Francis’s Journey to Portugal: ‘Non-Judgmentalism’ and the Pope’s Strategy on Gender and SexualityAn Aging Pope Francis Looks to ‘Youth Day’ to Energize Church’s Future by New York Times (Jason Horowitz)Part III (24:19 – 25:51)
What Gets the World’s Approval?: The Temptation to Abandon Historic Christian Doctrine on Gender and Sexuality in the Name of Inclusivity and Tolerance

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