Views and Opinions

In this episode (where we are likely to lose listeners) the guys have an unplanned, free flowing, nearly hour-long conversation about a host of controversial subjects, and they even find a point of disagreement! What’s on their minds?

Why doesn’t the church do more? (at 8:48)

Black Lives Matter (at 12:07)

None of you guys are heroes (at 26:50)

The church should have humility, boldness, and unity by focusing on the mission of the church. (at 28:40)

Why is the ERLC so quiet? (at 32:55)

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, their founders, and 5 Million bucks (at 39:31)

Confederate statues (at 48:51)

Presidential prediction (at 54:36)

Plus, Jimmy wears an ugly shirt.

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