Weekend A La Carte (April 15)

Weekend A La Carte (April 15)

My thanks goes to Children’s Hunger Fund for sponsoring the blog this week. Be sure to read about A Believer’s Response to Poverty. Sponsors are essential to keeping this blog running, so I’m grateful to each and every one. I screen them carefully so encourage you to always give them a good look.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Friendship With God)

Not Forever, Yet Still Meaningful

“Make sure they know their commitment doesn’t have to be forever to be meaningful.” This is a helpful tip for any number of circumstances.

Psychology’s Culpability in the Transgender Movement

Jesse Johnson: “I’m writing this because I want to make sure pastors and parents see the massive worldview shift that is taking place in the schools and so-called sciences. The transgender movement has become the gravitational center of our culture. It is fed by the Bible of psychology, and it targets our kids. We should at least be familiar with the book that is being used to justify the massive surge in the transgender movement.”

Please Bear with Me

This is a strong call for love and unity in the local church.

The World is Still Spinning

The world is still spinning, Love. These are the words that jogged through my mind recently, as I was playing with our 19-month-old grandson. We were in his backyard, and he was mowing the grass with his noisy plastic lawnmower.”

No Further

Cassie Watson: “At dawn, I’m on the beach. It’s deserted—just me, a pelican, and the churning waves. And my churning mind.”

Polity Matters

“Are the rules of the church arbitrary? Do we follow the rules as a part of our commitment to Jesus or are they just something we get from the world? This is a significant question because many think that the church’s rules are more advisory than regulatory. They miss the connection to the scriptures and the work of the church.  Here are some reasons why the rules are important and to be followed.”

Flashback: Bring Her Out and Let Her Be Burned

From a great distance and with the scantest information we can judge another person’s least transgression. Yet we can rack our own hearts and minds and often barely come up with a single way we are anything less than perfect.

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