Weekend A La Carte (April 8)

Weekend A La Carte (April 8)

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There are a few new Kindle deals that are worth a look.

(Yesterday on the blog: Identity and the Worship of Self)

“Where is Your Faith?”

How did you survive the death of a child? It is a question my husband and I often get when people hear our story. It transports me back to that moment over 20 years ago when our sweet daughter left this world and entered eternity.”

If God Desires All to Be Saved, Why Aren’t They?

John Piper offers a very strong answer to a very common question.

Choosing the Right College: A Guide for Christian Parents

This is a helpful, common-sense approach to helping your children find the right college.

Do we still need to forgive even if they never apologize?

Guy Richard’s answer is deep and far-reaching.

Overcome Your Enemies by Dying

“What do you do when people turn against you? When those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ come after you for daring to follow him? When nitpicking and backstabbing are the standard operating procedure in the workplace? When family members use guilt and pressure to manipulate you into doing what they want?”

Preacher, What’s on Your Kids’ Menu?

It’s so good and so important to include children in the sermon. This article offers some really good tips for preachers.

Flashback: The Most Important Thing My Parents Did

For all the good things my parents did for me, I believe that the most important was simply living as Christians before me. I don’t think anything shaped or challenged me more than that.

A conquered sin becomes a new strength in our life. —J.R. Miller

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