Weekend A La Carte (August 19)

Weekend A La Carte (August 19)

I’m so grateful to BJU for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you how to Hate More and Kill Better. Sponsors play a key role in allowing this site to carry on.

(Yesterday on the blog: Facing the Last Enemy)

Putting down roots: a call to young people

Here’s a timely call to young people to consider really trying to put down roots in a local church.

Every Nightmare Starts As A Dream

“Over the last couple of decades of ministry, I’ve listened to people utter words like these as they suffer from the fresh and painful wounds of self-inflicted sin. Building a fulfilling life takes a million tiny decisions, but only one bad choice can wreck it.” Erik reflects on the way every nightmare begins as a dream.

‘O Lord, Let Our Community Flourish’

“I once heard Martyn Lloyd-Jones say that ‘the greatest enemy of the Christian faith has always been the Christian church.’ I was a little taken aback, but a few moments thought was enough to feel that he had a point.”

For the Mom Dropping Her Student Off at College

This is a couple of weeks too late for us, but still timely.

Overcoming Disagreement For God’s Glory

“Even our very best plans often meet with significant snags. Many variables can conspire to derail our plans, but one in particular often proves a great help or hindrance in our efforts: people. Planning would be so easy if it weren’t for other people with other opinions!”

Concealed and Then Revealed

“A Christian reading of Scripture affirms that the biblical authors do not tell us everything everywhere all at once. Things build, and that takes time. The doctrine of Scripture includes the teaching of progressive revelation.” That’s a key concept to understand.

Flashback: The Best Day You’ve Ever Had

The pleasures of this present world are pleasurable indeed. But the greatest of them must pale in comparison to the least pleasures of the world to come.

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