Weekend A La Carte (December 11)

Weekend A La Carte (December 11)

May you know God’s sweetest blessings this weekend.

I want to extend my gratitude to TMAI for sponsoring the blog this week. I encourage you to get your free devotional today!

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(Yesterday on the blog: Devotionals I Recommend for a New Year)

The Fellowship of the Ring is the Most Important Movie of My Lifetime

Samuel James explains what The Fellowship of the Ring meant to him and to an entire generation.

The Night Song (feat. Colin Buchanan)

I love this new song from CityAlight. “In the darkness God will keep me / He will stay and never sleep / In the darkness God is brighter / Though the night is long and deep.”

Consider the Birds

This is a hobby I wanted to get into and maybe someday still will. “Being a birdwatcher is actually a lot like being a Christian. You get the same reactions from people: ‘Oh okay, well, whatever makes you happy …’ and they think you just hang out with old people all the time.”

Omnirationality and Divine Providence

This is just about a must-read.

How ‘Progressive’ Can a Christian Get?

Someone asked John Piper just how progressive a person can get before we can no longer consider him a Christian. It’s a great question and Piper answers it well.

Driscoll, Schaeffer, and Packer on the Size of Your Church and the Idolatry of Your Heart

Sometimes you just have to say, “wow.”

Flashback: Do Not Be Surprised if the World Hates You

My friend, the more you love and honor God, the more you expose the evil of those who do not. The more you expose the evil of those who dishonor God, the more they’ll hate you.

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