Weekend A La Carte (December 31)

Weekend A La Carte (December 31)

May you know the Lord’s richest blessings as you send off one year and welcome in another.

For those who, like me, plan to read the Bible in 2023 using the 5-Day Reading Plan, it’s now available for free download.

There are a few new Kindle deals to look at today.

An Anchor for Our Tongues

This is a very interesting look at how we define words and why that sometimes doesn’t get us a whole lot closer to meaning. “Unfortunately, any given language is an imperfect witness to eternal truth. A language is limited in its perspective on reality. It ‘thinks’ in a certain way, and this affects how it describes things. This gives each language a unique perspective and voice, but that uniqueness also implies it’s missing a bunch of things that other languages notice.”

Deepening Your Friendship in Marriage

I appreciate this look at friendship in marriage from TGC India. “We had an arranged marriage, and we were in our twenties. We did not have the benefit of developing an understanding of who we were or what to expect. By God’s grace, it only took us three years to figure out what we were missing in the relationship. We were missing a friendship. No one told us the importance of friendship in marriage. So, we had to start over.”

Psalm 25 and the New Year

“The old British divine Matthew Henry refers to the practice of praying God’s Word back to God as ‘wrestling with God in his own strength.’ For this reason, I love to peruse the Bible for prayers to make my own. And one of my favorite passages to pray is Psalm 25.”

10 Tips for Faithful Student Ministry in the New Year

This list will be helpful for people who are involved in student ministry.

Start the Year Small: Wisdom for Setting New Goals

This article at DG offers “a well-marked yet seldom-traveled pathway to setting wise goals.”

5 Tips to Reinforce Your Bible Study and Prayer Routine

“No church leader wants to admit it, but for many of us it’s true: we still don’t have a sustainable habit for personal Bible study and prayer. Here are five ways forward—true for anyone, church leader or not.”

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