Weekend A La Carte (January 8)

Weekend A La Carte (January 8)

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Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of newer books and some older ones as well.

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Loved With Everlasting Love

How often do you get to read an article by someone who is celebrating a century of God’s faithfulness? “In November 2020, I celebrated a hundred years of the Lord’s faithfulness to me. I can hardly believe I have reached such a milestone as I don’t feel any sense of aging in my spirit, even if my body is weaker than before.”

Yes, You Need to Talk to the Manager

“At the risk of leaning too far into generational stereotypes, which are indeed lazy and perpetuate slipshod thinking, I’m going to observe yet another difference between people of my age and of my parents’ age.” It’s an interesting observation, and one that helps explain the times.

The Grace of Pastoral Finesse

This is a good and helpful term: pastoral finesse. “Most of the challenging situations with which pastors are confronted demand what I like to call pastoral finesse, namely, approaching a challenging situation with a combination of intentionality, love, boldness, wisdom, and patience.”

Keep preaching & expect different results

And speaking of pastors, here’s a needed reminder. “The Bible doesn’t tell us to preach when the Word is in season and to try something different while it isn’t. We are to preach in season and out of season. In fact, we only know what season it is by preaching! We don’t put a finger in the air and check the weather, we preach the Word and the results tell us what season it might be.”

Is Deconstruction the Same as Deconversion?

Michael Kruger distinguishes between two kinds of deconstruction within Christianity: total deconstruction and reforming deconstruction.

Nothing Bitter, Only Sweet

Brittany Lee Allen reflects on changes in life and anticipation of heaven. “We’re excited about no longer experiencing sin, no longer walking through suffering, but what if there are things we’ll miss? Will we look back longingly at our life before eternity?”

Flashback: Big Sins Little Sins

We can, should, and must be grateful for each deliverance, for each person who finds victory over pornography. It is right and good to celebrate with them. But then we must roll up our sleeves together, knowing there are more battles to come in this great and terrible war.

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