Weekend A La Carte (July 2)

Weekend A La Carte (July 2)

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(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books for June 2022)

Canada: An Introduction for American Conservatives

This is perhaps a slightly too negative take on the matter, but for American observers, this article does a pretty good job of explaining some of the ways in which Canada is different from our neighbor to the south.

That Beautiful Bow

“Like many Americans, I woke up on June 1st with an Apple Calendar reminder and an inbox full of emails, all announcing the beginning of LGBTQIA++ Pride Month. As a God-fearing, straight, biological male who still goes by the pronouns he/him, I wasn’t really sure what to do about this information.”

Rules of Engagement

On a similar note, “How can we as Christians speak faithfully and helpfully into the chaos? What ‘rules of engagement’ should we follow as we seek to interact with people who disagree sharply with the teaching of Scripture?”

Community: A Struggle to Fit

“When it comes to community in the church, many people feel like onlookers. For many, deep fellowship seems far off. Some feel excluded because they ‘do not fit in,’ and others are unsure how to engage.” Darby Strickland speaks to this in an article at CCEF.

Happy’s standing

Janie B. Cheaney writes about the strange movement to give animals the rights of human beings.

Immersed into Mission

“The mission of the church is to disciple the nations, to call people to trust in Jesus, to follow Jesus, and to obey Jesus. This is the what of the mission, and it is globally focused. All nations are called to the obedience of faith. But what about the how of mission? How should we accomplish this commission to disciple the nations?”

Flashback: Make Some Return To Your Parents

You have the first duty of care toward vulnerable family members who are lacking the necessities of life. If you fail to provide for the genuine needs of your family, and especially that closest circle of family, you’re disobeying God and bringing reproach on the gospel.

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