Weekend A La Carte (July 9)

Weekend A La Carte (July 9)

May you know God’s richest blessings as you serve and worship him this weekend.

Richard Dawkins Is (Partly) Right about Pro-Life People

“Richard Dawkins is right.” That’s not something you hear often from a site dedicated to apologetics. And, not surprisingly, Dawkins is only partially right.

Why does God allow the righteous to suffer?

“If he is all-loving and all-powerful, why does God allow the righteous to suffer?” This article looks at some examples from the Bible to provide at least a partial answer.

How Do Hearts Grow?

“How do you know your heart is maturing, that you’re developing, that you’re more than just your yesterday-self?” Well all want to know we’re making such progress, don’t we?

Between Two Graves: Calvin on the Waters Above and Below

“One of the quirkier parts of the early books of Genesis for modern readers is the way in which it speaks of ‘waters above’ and ‘waters below’.” Calvin’s thoughts on it are really interesting.

Why technology makes our lives easier yet more meaningless

“It seems we’ve struck a deal with our devices that so much resembles the bargains with the tricksters from the old stories. A genie appears to grant your wish. But once you have what your flesh desired you find you’ve lost something of yourself in the exchange. We wished for peace and quiet, and what we got was loneliness. We wished for the world at our fingertips, but what we got was all the world’s anxieties. We wished to banish boredom and difficulty, but what we got was meaninglessness.”

The Water and the Blood

Nick Batzig takes a crack at resolving one of the most difficult biblical details to interpret.

Flashback: Leave and Cleave Like a Strawberry

The God who created family is clear that marriage creates a new family unit, but also clear that biology matters and that the forming of a new unit does not entirely rupture the old one.

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