Weekend A La Carte (March 11)

Weekend A La Carte (March 11)

I’m thankful to Christian Focus for sponsoring the blog this week so they could tell you about some excellent books for kids.

Today’s Kindle deals include a newer book and some older ones.

(Yesterday on the blog: ESV Church History Study Bible)

Lived to Be Forgotten: Dixon E. Hoste, Missionary to China

“Dixon Edward Hoste (1861–1946) was a British missionary who served in China for over 40 years. Although he succeeded James Hudson Taylor as the general director of the China Inland Mission (CIM), much less has been written and recorded of his life and ministry than of Taylor’s.” This is a lovely telling of his life.

What to Do When Revival Comes

D.A. Carson explains what to do when revival comes.

5 Misconceptions about Wealth

Relying on Proverbs, “here are five misconceptions about wealth that must go if we are to believe and receive the wisdom of God.”

How should I deal with prayerlessness in my life?

Kevin DeYoung answers the question well in this video from Ligonier Ministries.

The Gospel of Self-Forgiveness

“There is no category of self-forgiveness in the Bible. And that is a freeing truth! Your shame and guilt is not dependent upon your ability to forgive yourself.”

Squinting For the Glory of God

Squinting for the glory of God–I like that phrase (and the explanation behind it).

Flashback: There Is Nothing Trite About It!

There is nothing trite, nothing minimal about “I’ll pray for you.” To say, “I’ll pray for you” is to say, “I will speak with the Author and Creator of all things.

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