Weekend A La Carte (May 11)

Weekend A La Carte (May 11)

My gratitude goes to The Good Book Company for sponsoring the blog this week to ensure you know about the new book by Brian Croft and Ronnie Martin, The Unhurried Pastor.

I have added several Kindle deals and they include Mary Mohler’s biography of Susannah Spurgeon.

(Yesterday on the blog: Life At and After College: An Interview with Abby)

“In a very real sense, what we choose to pay attention to defines our lives. You may even say, ‘We are what we pay attention to.’ It’s really just another way of saying something else that the Bible affirms again and again: we are what we worship, or we are what we love.”

There is no doubt that even Christians can behave quite badly. Le Ann Trees offers some reasons Christians can be like this.

This is quite an interesting reflection on the modern distortion of vulnerability.

This article is sad but still sweet.

T.M. Suffield expresses his thoughts about navigating the various crises Christians are experiencing today.

“Young men find it hard to talk, particularly about their feelings. They find it even harder to ask for help. But very often, the bravest word a young man can say is “help.’” Alun Ebenezer explains.

We must know ourselves well enough to understand what sins we are most prone to…None of us is immune to any sin, but none of us is equally swayed by all sins.

One of the signs of Christian maturity is the ability to disagree with other Christians on secondary matters without vilifying them.

—J.R. Vassar

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