Weekend A La Carte (November 11)

Weekend A La Carte (November 11)

My thanks goes to Reformation Heritage Books for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you about one of their excellent resources for family worship.

If you are at the Ligonier Ministries conference in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend, I look forward to seeing you there and to participating in a panel discussion.

(Yesterday on the blog: What If a Criminal Justice System Isn’t Actually Just?)

In the Middle of the Greatest Story

This is a really wonderful piece of writing from Mary Nolte. “Sometimes it’s hard to imagine you’re actually in the right story, like maybe you stumbled into someone else’s story. Have you ever felt that way—that the story you’re living somehow isn’t your story, but you’re watching it happen.”

After ‘Roe’: The Pro-Life Movement’s Next 50 Years

“Tuesday night was another blow to the pro-life movement as Ohio voted overwhelmingly to enshrine the right to abortion into its constitution.” Dan Darling considers the next 50 years of America’s pro-life movement.

Using Your Gifts

Ken Jones explains how Christians are to use their gifts to serve one another, but then adds this: “However, the testimony of Scripture is that throughout redemptive history, God’s people have used their gifts not just for those within the covenant community but for others as well.”

We aren’t called to listen to everybody

I think what Stephen says here is important. While social media gives us the ability to listen to everybody, not everybody is worth listening to. He explains who is worth listening to.

God Knows

Jacob tells why God’s omniscience gives him confidence as he prays.

Only One Life

“We are merely living on borrowed time, talent, and treasure. We are stewards and not owners. There will come a reckoning day when the righteous Judge will hold us accountable for how we have used the resources that He has entrusted to us.”

Flashback: Four Categories to “Act the Miracle”

Identity is at the core of many issues, not the least of which is same-sex attraction. In her book Gay Girl, Good God, Jackie Hill Perry offers four “categories” to guide our thinking about identity as we “act the miracle” of sanctification.

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