Weekend A La Carte (November 12)

Weekend A La Carte (November 12)

I am grateful to my good friends at 20schemes for sponsoring the blog this week as they celebrate 10 years of ministry. It has been a joy to see the Lord working in and through them through this past decade.

Over at Westminster Books you’ve find a “buy one get one free” deal on Tim Keller’s new book on forgiveness.

Today’s Kindle deals include a number of titles.

The Greater Love Declaration

This is a helpful declaration meant to affirm Christian teaching on marriage, sex, and identity.

Calvin University Votes to Allow Faculty to Embrace Heretical Views on Sexuality

Joe Carter: “The trustees of Calvin University voted to keep faculty who reject the Bible’s clear teachings on what constitutes sexual immorality. Will the denomination step in, or will they allow the school to embrace heretical views?”

Pastor, Don’t Forget to Add Personal Evangelism to Your Crazy Schedule

“The rhythms of pastoral ministry can work at cross-purposes with regular evangelism. Sermon preparation, pastoral care, member hospitality, hospital visits, funerals, and weddings, can confine a pastor to a monolithically Christian circle. Furthermore, if their kids are homeschooled or attend Christian school, and their spouse stays home, a pastor can easily go months without speaking to a non-Christian.”

Church History

Simonetta Carr’s Church History provides a thrilling overview of God’s work in His people. Readers young and old will learn from this beautifully illustrated story of our Christian heritage. Check out Free Stuff Fridays this week for a chance to win a free copy of Church History! (Sponsored Link)

Can Cancer Be God’s Servant? What I Saw in My Wife’s Last Years

Randy Alcorn writes about God’s purposes and sovereignty in the death of his dear wife.

When You Feel Overwhelmed

Lauren Washer: “I’m sure there are coping mechanisms and skills to learn which would help in times such as these. But I am not a counselor, or a therapist. And while it is on my to-do list to find a good one for my own well-being, I needed to do something about the stress in my life.”

How Should Christians Speak in Public?

Tim Keller writes out “a proposal for a way to do public engagement now which differs not only from the seeker-sensitive approach but also from the new (and admittedly under-developed) ‘just tell the truth’ approach.”

Flashback: God Actually Spoke To Me

The sufficiency of the Bible means that we can be supremely satisfied in the voice of God as it comes through the Word of God. We don’t need to yearn for anything else.

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