Weekend A La Carte (November 27)

Weekend A La Carte (November 27)

May you know and experience the Lord’s blessings this weekend.

(Yesterday on the blog: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Deal for Christians)

Today’s Kindle deals include some classics for now and perhaps some others in the morning.

What Keeps Couples Apart?

Stephen Witmer: “Despite the beauty and blessedness of true intimacy, I’ve encountered numerous obstacles to it — both in my own marriage, and in years of counseling married couples. One of the most common is busyness.”

The fundamental mark of the Christian

“Are there any qualities or characteristics that are true of Christians only and make them to be different from the rest of mankind? Or are we just like the rest, each embracing their respective club of belonging. I think there is a distinction between a Christian and a non-Christian.”

Worth It

This sweet little video from ADF carries an important message.

Living By the Book

H.B. Charles calls us to live by the book.

Arise, My love, My Beautiful One, and Come Away

Peter Krol: “I am very grateful to the Lord for the rich diversity of literature contained within the Bible. Not only do we have the narratives of Israel’s history and Jesus’ ministry, or the discourses of the law and letters, but we also have the wildly foreign yet lovely verse of the prophets and poets. Let me pull back the curtain for you on my own process for Bible study.”

Exhaustion with Division and Discourse in Today’s Evangelicalism

“In this video, we asked Jonathan Leeman what advice he would give to Christians who feel exhausted by the division and discourse in today’s Evangelicalism.”

Flashback: But Others Have It Worse

Our God is not some distant ruler exercising indifferent authority over the universe but a present helper in our times of trouble — our every time of trouble.

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