Weekend A La Carte (October 14)

Weekend A La Carte (October 14)

I’m very grateful to the Reformed Free Publishing Association who sponsored the blog this week so they could let you know about their new picture book The Ten Commandments for Children–a book that teaches kids to love God from the heart.

Last weekend I read Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Elon Musk. Musk is an interesting, significant, and polarizing figure. It is perhaps a bit odd to write a biography of him when is only in his early 50s and has begun far more than he has completed. Isaacson presents him as a man who is driven to save the world before it collapses due to warfare, climate change, or runaway technology. But I don’t think he satisfactorily proves that Musk isn’t actually driven by his own grandiosity. Whatever the case, he is clever, driven, impressive, extremely hard-working, and woefully immoral.

You’ll find a good selection of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Devoted Mind)

How Should Christians Think About The Attack Upon Israel? (Video)

I benefited from watching this panel discussion from SBTS which featured Al Mohler, Tom Schreiner, and Ayman Ibrahim. Even if you don’t agree with all the positions, you’ll still learn a lot, I think.

Hamas Is Borrowing Tactics from the Amalekites

Peter Leithart explains how Hamas and many other militants borrow tactics from the ancient Amalekites. “Hamas isn’t Amalek. Hamas isn’t literally under Yahweh’s ban and curse. And Hamas certainly isn’t the same as the Palestinian people. Thousands of Palestinians are Christians, and many Muslim Palestinians oppose Hamas and its violence. To compare Hamas to Amalek isn’t to justify or even suggest genocide.”

Hamas and Israel War Leaves Christians in the Crossfire

This article reminds us that, though Christians in Israel and Palestine are few, they are present. That being the case, we ought to be in prayer for brothers and sisters in both places.

Listen, Don’t Critique

“One of the biggest problems in Reformed churches, I believe, is that people come to church to critique the sermon rather than listen to it.” Very true. This article explains why we should come to listen rather than critique.

The Sufficiency of Christ when Life is Dry

Doug Eaton: “When God gives us victory in doing His work, it is easy to see ourselves as stronger than we are. So, the Lord often allows situations to arise that keep us dependent upon Him. We often thank the Lord for His grace in times of triumph, but how often do we forget to thank Him for our times of defeat?”

Living With Dementia

“It is important that Christians and churches know how to respond to those in their fellowships who are suffering from dementia and are able to come alongside those who are caring for them. Although this article is written about those with dementia, much of what is said also applies to other care situations.”

Flashback: Please Do & Please Don’t Assume Motives

When we look at other Christians—their beliefs, their words, their deeds—love calls us to assume the best rather than the worst.

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