Weekend A La Carte (September 16)

Weekend A La Carte (September 16)

My gratitude goes to Christian Focus for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you about Rob Ventura’s excellent new resource on Romans.

There’s a small selection of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: How To Elevate Your Street Smarts)

5 Bad Reasons to Get a Divorce

Joe Carter: “In a world where the sanctity of marriage is increasingly under siege, it’s crucial to reevaluate the reasons often cited for divorce. There are undoubtedly situations where divorce may be a biblically justifiable option, such as cases of abandonment, abuse, or infidelity. But as the survey shows, there are many instances where a better understanding of commitment and values could be enough to save the marriage.”

Thirteen-Hour Days: Did Jonathan Edwards Neglect His Family?

You have probably heard, as I have, that Jonathan Edwards was a neglectful father. But where did that charge come from? And is there evidence to support it?

3D Model of Herod’s Temple

A friend sent along this amazing recreation of Herod’s Temple.

Love Your Church Anyway

Love your church anyway. That’s always good counsel…

4 in 10 Evangelicals Say They’ve Been Visited by the Dead

I’m sure it says something important (and concerning) that 4 in 10 Evangelicals say they have been visited by the dead.

Why Canadian Reformed Evangelicalism Has Splintered

Jeff Eastwood borrows insights from Kevin DeYoung and applies them to a Canadian context to suggest why Reformed Evangelicalism here has splintered over the past few years.

Flashback: The Bit of Heaven the Heaven Tourism Books Never Touched

Each of these people had experienced heaven as a sinner. As far as I know, not one had claimed to have their sin removed for the duration of their experience. They had entered heaven as sinners, experienced heaven as sinners, and returned as sinners.

No one can be robbed of his delights whose joy is Christ. —Augustine

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