Weekend A La Carte (September 4)

Weekend A La Carte (September 4)

May you know the Lord’s sweet blessings as you serve and worship him this weekend.

Logos has lots of great material from Zondervan on sale, including the excellent ZECNT/ZECOT series.

I’m very grateful to AGTV for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their excellent and expanding programming.

(Yesterday on the blog: When Prayer Is a Struggle)

After Mars Hill And John Wayne

This is a good reminder of simple truths. “Evangelicals over the last decade have done a poor job of sticking to the centre of the road with respect to marital sexuality. The abuses and excesses being detailed in exposés like ‘Jesus And John Wayne’ and ‘The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill’ have launched a (predictable) overreaction among some, leaving many confused as to what the Bible does, in fact, say about proper, kind, and loving sexual conduct within marriage.”

God Scares Me to Death

“God is sovereign. He does as he pleases. This comforts some people—and terrifies others.” I understand this fear very well.

Is “Beloved” Still a Word? (Video)

I don’t completely agree with Bill Mounce here, but I do think he raises some interesting points about words that have begun to get a bit antiquated in English (and without a suitable replacement).

Cathedral Feels

I enjoyed and benefitted from this one. “Cathedrals were designed to invoke a sense of awe and wonder. Cathedrals are intended to move within the worshiper, an internal sense of smallness in contrast to the grandeur of God. Surely, in your travels, some of you have experienced just this.”

The Endless Life Cycle of Book Cover Trends

To be clear, I don’t recommend the books in this article. But I do recommend it as an interesting look at where book covers come from. “What you see on a cover is the product of intermingling cultural and economic forces.”

When Furrows Fight Back

Aimee Joseph: “We are wired for work. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a result of the fall. Challenges in work and struggles with identity around work were most assuredly a consequence of man’s rebellion against God’s created and careful order; however, work itself honors God and is a needed part of human flourishing.”

Flashback: Thank God For Your Job (Doesn’t Matter What Your Job Is!)

If God blesses your labors to give you enough or even more than enough to meet your needs, you ought to give him praise and thanks.

Whatever circumstances our pasts may hold, we can rise above them into a future shaped by God’s grace. —Erwin Lutzer


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