What a Wonder Is a Human Being!

What a Wonder Is a Human Being!

I gently lift the baby from his cradle and hold him gingerly in my arms. He wiggles, he kicks, he grunts, and then, settling for just a moment, he seems to gaze at me inquisitively.

I look at his little hands as they grasp my thumb and I wonder: What blessings will come to others through these hands? Will they one day hold a scalpel to heal the sick or one day hold a Bible to preach the truth? What shoulders will they rest on, what eyes will they dry? How will these hands be part of God’s purpose for his world, his purpose for his people?

I look at his little feet, bare and flailing in the air and before I tuck the blanket back around them I wonder: On what missions of mercy will these feet take him? Where will he go? Whom will he serve? What will God call him to? How will these feet be used by God to fulfill his purpose and carry out his plan?

I look at his little eyes, wet with tears, and I wonder: What injustices will he see and wish to right, what sorrows will he observe and wish to console? What beauties will he gaze upon and cause his heart to rejoice, what tragedies and cause his heart to long for Christ to return?

I look at his little mouth as it utters a cry of distress and I wonder: What words of blessing will come from these lips? What wisdom will be spoken to those who are distressed and what comfort to those who are despondent? What truth will be spoken to those who have rejected it or what challenge to those who have never even heard it? How many songs of praise will he sing, how many words of delight will he utter, how many blessings will he proclaim?

A mighty oak from the smallest acorn, the greatest mustard tree from the tiniest seed, and a great and noble life from the littlest child. So much potential bound up in so tiny a person, so many possibilities lying latent, so many opportunities to serve simply waiting for time, for growth, for maturity. What a wonder is a human being! What a marvel! What a testimony to the power, the majesty, the sovereignty of our great God!

Inspired by J.R. Miller

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