What Makes for a Good Preacher?


Episode 881 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


Questions in this Episode

1. My brother and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Is it actually a cult?

2. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus seems to speak a lot about the Kingdom of Heaven, how important is it for us Christians to know what the Kingdom of Heaven is and is it here now?

3. I am wondering how I should express myself when I am writing about the Bible. Passages in Timothy and Corinthians warn against clever words and departing from the teaching of the Bible. Does this mean it’s wrong to say things in a memorable way?

4. Can angels still rebel against God?

5. When is the right time to leave the church?

6. How do we know which son Abraham really took up to the mountain to sacrifice—Isaac or Ishmael? Why does Genesis 22:2 say “take your only son” to be sacrificed? That is why Muslims believe it to be Ishmael as he was the first born.

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