What the Church Needs Now

What the Church Needs Now

Written by Bruce A. Little |
Monday, January 23, 2023

The Evangelical world is in a great position to stand up against all manner of evil in our culture as it is unfolding before our very eyes in the name of social justice. We can give the world something concrete by which to see that Christ makes a difference in how to deal with sin. A baptized version of skewed view of the world is no help at all to the world and it is a contrary model for the generation of Christians to come.

Francis A. Schaeffer wrote at the end of his life: “In order to show forth God’s love and holiness and to present the Good News to our generation in such a way that the message has viability, we must try in a balanced way not to fall into the ‘blue jean’ mistake of thinking that we are courageous and ‘being with it’ when we are really only fitting into what is the accepted thought- form of the age around us” (WV, Vol 4,371).

As Christians, they wore the rebel’s mark—faded blue jeans (today’s equivalence of skinny jeans, ripped jeans and low hanging pants). Schaeffer pointed out that that was not relevance, it was accommodation. As evangelicals, it is important we do not ignore Schaeffer’s warning.

Of course, there is a strong temptation to look “cool” or virtuous and to talk like “we get it.” This must be resisted on all fronts. The urge to appear culturally relevant grows stronger as evangelicals sense they are being pushed out of the range of cultural relevancy. If we give in, we will end up only giving lip service to objective Truth. Only a strong commitment to objective Truth will steer the Church away from the pervasive corrosive relativism that is at odds with God.

Today’s Western culture activists capitalize on particular sociological ills such as racism, then exaggerate them as a way to legitimize their hidden agenda of the destruction of Western culture. Evangelicals need not join their chorus as it is lethal to the Gospel. However, if a local church has a problem with racism within, then deal with it scripturally and resist the temptation to use it as a flag to boast of cultural relevancy.

Actually, the world does not care what evangelicals think. If a biblical view of women has been ignored in some of our churches or organizations, then according to the Scriptures (and not secular culture) straighten it out, do what is right without yielding to exaggerated reactions sanctioned by the culture. To mimic culture would be to put the entire legitimate discussion out of balance until it becomes the controlling concern.

We, as evangelicals, should be a balanced and sane voice in the discussion. That will take courage, but our God calls for nothing less. We must not use the world’s language, measurements, or solutions to correct the wrongs in the community of Faith as the activists do in the culture at large.

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