What to Do When You Bomb

Joe and Jimmy discuss how their workshop at Legacy Chicago went. Not so good. How do Jimmy and Joe evaluate themselves and their teaching? What does it look like to go back to the drawing board after a failure? The guys offer ten points of action and reflection for those who bomb and are ready to learn from their mistakes. Plus, we include a photo of the dude who fell asleep in our workshop. Gotacha, sucka!

Also, Adam Kareus wrote two articles for Doctrine and Devotion you will want to check out: I Just Bombed My Sermon, and My Pastor Just Bombed a Sermon.

10 Points of Reflection After You Bomb

1. Do not despair
2. Do not get defensive
3. Get feedback
4. Was I clear?
5. Was I organized?
6. Was I persuasive?
7. Was I dull?
8. Was I practical?
9. Did the audience know the stakes?
10. How could I have been more dependent on God in preparation and delivery?

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